Role playing and action Diablo style



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Flare is a role playing game that uses elements from Diablo and other similar titles, such as Torchlight and Titan Quest, offering an experience in which action meets role playing in equal parts, in a fantasy world that is plagued with goblins, zombies, giant spiders, and other dreadful creatures.

As in all the games in the genre, your goal is to travel through different scenarios that are full of dangers, and to fight hundreds of enemies using weapons that you find as you play, stealing them from enemies, or just buying them from merchants.

Throughout this adventure, besides interacting with different characters in towns, you can visit many outdoors and indoors locations, where you can fight creatures and take your loot.

Flare is a pretty good action and role playing game that is reminiscent of Diablo even in the graphics, which are very similar to that in Blizzard's game, and also charming in a very particularly 90s kind of way.
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